Electrode heating

Unlike conventional electric (ten) boilers, electrode (ion) "Galan" boilers work according to the principle of ionization: when electrodes are moving and interacting in the boiler, a special liquid in the ionization system emits heat. The liquid in the heating system may be unchangeable for up to 10 years. The liquid is special because it does not freeze to -14 degrees, not aggressive, protects the system from salt, lime, rust and plaque. It does not harm gas or solid fuel boilers.


Ion boilers "Galan" are designed to work without failures up to 10 years. After that you need to replace the electrodes. This is a small investment, given that you will have a well-functioning heating system for another decade. Automation "Galan" allows the user not only to determine the desired air temperature in the rooms, but also remotely control the boiler using the module "Galan" GSM. Thus, the house, bungalow or sauna heated up before your arrival. Ionic boilers have an efficiency of 98%.


Heating by the ion boiler "Galan" is one of the ways of heating by electricity, only the consumption of electricity is 2-4 times less than the heating of conventional electric heaters. Boilers "Galan" are ideal for large houses, apartment buildings, garden houses or a bungalow-chimney they do not need.

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